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  • 2018, Towards a Supportive Regulatory Environment for Digital Financial Services in MEFMI Countries, MEFMI Research and Policy Journal Issue (2) (With C. N’gandwe)

  • 2015, Financial Inclusion and the Impact of ICT: An Overview, American Journal of Economics, 5(5): 495-500

  • 2015, Financial Inclusion, ICBT and the role of ICT in COMESA, Advances in Economics and Business, 3 (12): 529 – 537

  • 2015, The effects of Financial Inclusion on Monetary Policy Effectiveness: The case of Malawi, International Journal of Monetary Economics and Finance, 8 (4): 360–384


  • 2023, Indonesia Non-Tariff Measures Dataset, The World Bank (with Massimiliano Cali, Bayu Agnimaruto, Jana Mirjam Silberring, Csilla Lakatos, Mochamad Pasha, Agnesia Adhissa Hasmand, Nabil Rizky Ryandiansyah, Muhammad Hazmi Ash Shidqi, Aufa Doarest, Wisnu Harto Adiwojoyo)

​Book Chapters/Contributions to edited volumes

Work in Progress


  • Greening Trade through Global Value Chains in Africa (With Nigatu, S.N and Majune. S)

  • Early Impacts of Indonesia’s Reforms on foreign and domestic direct investments: An Empirical analysis (With Victor Kidake Senelwa)

  • The Role of Trade Policies in Indonesia’s Green Transition (With Bayu Agnimaruto, Jana Mirjam Silberring, and Csilla Lakatos)

  • AfCFTA: What it means for AGOA, EBA and trading with Asia?(with Coulibaly, S and Nigatu, S.N)

  • The Relative Cost of Non-Tariff Measures in Indonesia: A Benchmarking Exercise with other ASEAN Economies (with Khan, S.Y and Agnimaruto, B)

  • NTMs, Covid-19 and GVCs in Indonesia (with Khan, S.Y and Ghose, D)


Angella  Faith Montfaucon, Ph. D


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